Journey to Responsiveness For Students



Journey To Responsiveness for Students 
We desire to bequeath two things to our children; the first one is roots, the other one is wings.

— Sudanese proverb

If, as an educator, you are on the metaphorical CLR Journey to Responsiveness then you will understand why a similar experience would be beneficial for your students. The ongoing goal of your journey is to be more understanding, more sensitive, and more aware of the students who need you to be. For your students, that goal should be the same. This curriculum, produced by Culturally Responsive Minds in partnership with Dr. Hollie, provides a scope and sequence of lessons for students that parallels your CLR journey as an educator. Your students will learn about unfairness (inequity), bias, validate and affirm, and cultural behaviors to name a few - all told from their vantage points at K-12, giving your students the opportunity to be VABBulous!


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Culturally Responsive Minds is the leading provider of in-classroom practical resources for Developing a Critical Social Consciousness, Social Emotional Learning, and Cultural Competency lessons and activities.

Teachers and schools are in need of practical resources that teach and train about cultural competency. Before CRM was founded, these resources were either hard to come by or were not presented in a practical format that would easily allow teachers to implement this is in their classrooms.

With more states requiring these topics be taught, CRM saw an opportunity to fill this gap. We are confident that our curriculum, developed and tested by teachers, has the tools needed to be easily implemented in the classroom.


Don't take our word for it....

I am a teacher whose mindset has changed thanks to Deanna Wuotila and Jennifer Terry and their work around culturally responsive teaching. I find my “wheels are constantly turning” and I am continually thinking about who I am, who my children are, and how I can encourage empathy in all I encounter.” -Sonni Sylvester

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