Culturally Responsive Minds is the leading provider of practical solutions for in-classroom Equity, Social Emotional Learning, and Cultural Competency lessons and activities.

Teachers and schools are in need of practical resources that teach and train about cultural competency. Before CRM was founded, these resources were either hard to come by or were not presented in a practical format that would easily allow teachers to implement this is in their classrooms.

With more states requiring these topics be taught, CRM saw an opportunity to fill this gap. We are confident that our curriculum, developed and tested by teachers, has the tools need to be easily implemented in the classroom.

Culturally Responsive Minds offers two ways in which support is offered to schools: education subscription and education consulting.

Scope and Sequence Education Subscription Grades K-2

Scope and Sequence Education Subscription Grades 3-5

Scope and Sequence Education Subscription Grades 6-8

Scope and Sequence Education Subscription Grades 9-12

If you would like to have a scope and sequence for our Culturally Responsive Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Curriculum, please contact us to request one today.



Don't take our word for it....

I am a teacher whose mindset has changed thanks to Deanna Wuotila and Jennifer Terry and their work around culturally responsive teaching. I find my “wheels are constantly turning” and I am continually thinking about who I am, who my children are, and how I can encourage empathy in all I encounter.” -Sonni Sylvester

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