Consulting for Your School

Culturally Responsive Minds (CRM) is the leading provider of Culturally Responsive Consulting for schools and school districts. CRM offers a variety of consulting services tailored to your school or district’s needs. With the array of challenges schools and districts face as they work to establish equitable outcomes for all stakeholders, CRM knows that every environment has its own challenges and provides training and seminars that target the challenges you face.


The CRM team is lead by Jennifer Terry and Deanna Wuotila, two teachers with a combined experience of over 40 years in the classroom and in culturally responsive coaching. Their in-depth seminars and deep dives include such topics as:


  • creating culturally responsive school systems

  • cultural competency teacher relicensing trainings

  • creating referral systems that function within the CRM framework to help decrease disproportionate referrals

  • providing student support through cultural assessments and student success plan implementation



Customized Professional Development Plans

CRM also provides fully customized professional development plans to help you reach your staff development goals. Additionally, the Cultural Competency package contains professional development that supports the new required MN teacher relicensing standards.


  • Culturally Responsive Minds will work with your school or district to determine your particular needs.

  • CRM tailors a program to specifically address your school's needs.

  • In-person or digital seminar(s) are conducted where your staff has direct access to the expertise Jennifer and Deanna bring to the table. 


CRM's consulting can work in tandem or independently of the School Subscription. These in-depth trainings allow your teachers and staff to take a Cultural Journey that will not only help the educators learn in a culturally responsive approach, but also develop the skills needed to help decrease bias and improve workplace collaboration.


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