Sample Student Lesson Plans

The education subscription provides your teachers and staff with a comprehensive set of lessons for grades K-8 covering a variety of equity topics. Each lesson, complete with common core standards, have in depth instructions on how to teach the lesson and includes support materials, protocol directions and other resources. These practical lesson plans are designed to take 15 minutes or less, and can easily be completed during advisory or morning meeting time in your classrooms. Check out examples of equity lesson plans that are included within this subscription.

Games Preview

Among other resources, CRM provides interactive games that are specifically designed to complement the lessons and activites that come with the education subscription. These games will allow teachers and students to explore equity topics visually with discussion questions to dive deeper. Take a quick peek at one of the games to find out how it supports student learning.

K-2 Gender Game

Purpose: K-2 Gender Game

World Culture Awareness

Purpose: World Culture Awareness

Rings of Culture Vortex Game for Class and Religious Culture

Purpose: Religious Class Vortex

Professional Development Lessons

The professional development lessons are focused on cultural competency and equity topics. With eighteen different topics on equity, these lessons allow you to choose the ones that will move your staff forward on their culturally competency journey. Find out how these lessons can expand and enhance staff trainings on equity and keep your school prepared to meet cultural competency standards in the future.


This education subscription provides over one hundred protocols that are used within the lessons to facilitate learning among diverse learners. Once you gain asccess to the protocols in this subscription, you can download and keep them forever. Preview the protocols that your school will receive for free, once you subscribe.