Chalk Talk

To have students be able to come up with personal responses and opinions and be able to share and build upon individual or group responses.

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Relational, Subjective, Sociocentric, Cooperative


The teacher prepares five to eight pieces of chart paper, with at least three images, lines of text, quotes, or questions related to the current curriculum being taught. Students should go silently walk around the room and record their responses on the various chart papers. They should connect their thoughts to other thoughts that are written down, using words or pictures. Once everyone has had a chance to respond to all pieces of chart paper, students should be placed in groups of no more than five, by each chart paper. They need to synthesize the information on their paper into one sentence with no more than 10 words. Students will then number off and be called on by number. They should be ready to share the group’s sentence.

(Adapted from: Hollie, Sharroky. Strategies for Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning. Huntington Beach: Shell Educational Publishing, Inc., 2015. Print.)

Distance Learning Option(s):

Teacher prepares 5-8 Padlet boards, Jamboard slides, (or another digital platform), with the images, texts, quotes or questions related to the content being taught in class. Students visit each board and record their thinking and responses onto the platform and connect their thoughts to others that have been posted on the platform. (VA-Subjective, Cooperative) 

Once everyone has added their thoughts, the teacher assigns students to one of the boards, to synthesize the information into a sentence. Students can do this either on their own or by chatting with each other in the platform chat. Then, they write down their summary and post it to the platform. 

If you are meeting online as a class, students can meet in a breakout room, for their board and create a sentence together. (VA-Sociocentric, Relational)

One person will record the statement on the Padlet or other digital platform and everyone should be ready to share out. The teacher can use Roll 'Em protocol online, to have one person from each group share out with the class. 


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