To review, learned material or try new versions, of familiar problems.

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Sociocentric, Cooperative, Dynamic Attention Span


Hand out, to each student, a prepared worksheet, featuring several questions. At your go, students circulate and find a partner, just as in Mingle, Pair, Share protocol. Just like a detective, they are off in search of answers! Partner 1 asks Partner 2 one question, from their worksheet. Partner 2 provides an answer and Partner 1 writes it on their own worksheet. Partners then switch roles. After both students have asked and answered one question, they split up and each look for a new partner. Students continue circulating, until all answers on their worksheet, have been filled in. Then, they return to their seats, until everyone is finished. Once they are back in their desk groups, teams compare answers. If there are discrepancies among the answers and they cannot come to a consensus, they may raise their hand, as a team, and ask the teacher for clarification.


  • Discussion

  • Movement