Mingle, Pair, Share

To review and practice thinking about and discussing concepts learned in class and to allow for movement.

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Sociocentric, Cooperative, Dynamic Attention Span, Musicality


Students mingle around the room silently as music plays in the background. When the music stops, each student finds a partner closest to them (no running across the room to find your best friend) and puts their hand together with their partner’s, in a high five. When all students have found a partner, the teacher poses a question and allows for “think time.” For example, “Give three examples of an insect” or “Name five prime numbers.” On the teacher’s go, one partner shares and the other listens. Then, partners switch roles. After both partners have had a chance to speak (the teacher will have to monitor this, based on the depth of the question), the music starts again and students mingle. When the music stops, they find a new partner and the teacher poses a new question. Repeat for each question.


  • Discussion

  • Movement