Today's Meet

To ensure participation from all students (while also working on digital citizenship skills)

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VABB Elements

Sociocentric, Collaborative, Dynamic Attention Span


Before this activity, as the teacher, you must go to https://todaysmeet.com.

Once you are there, here are the steps:
On the right-hand side of the screen, “Pick a name” for your room/discussion, and then determine how long you want it open for. Click “Open Your room.”
Enter your nickname, which is what will show up on the screen with your message. It is best that students use their real name so you can monitor participation. ALSO, THIS PREVENTS SILLY & INAPPROPRIATE NAMES!
Enter your message, which, as the teacher, should be the discussion question/statement.

Once the room is open, for students to get to it, you just need to give them the link. The link to get to the discussion is usually just https://todaysmeet.com/whatever-you-named-the-room, so you can either copy & paste the link somewhere for them to click on, or just write it somewhere for them to type in themselves. 

(If you’d like, you can create a free account so that you can better monitor, organize, etc. your class’ discussions.) 


  • Discussion

  • Literacy

  • Response